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Turbelco Industrial Coating was established in Ankara with Belgian capital in 1992 with the permission of the foreign investment department of the treasury undersecretariat of foreign trade and started its activities in the field of industrial coating. It moved to its own factory in Büyükçekmece.

Turbelco, which produces solutions to many problems of the industry by increasing the variety of coatings in the industrial field, continues its technological investments in the coating sector by considering the understanding of automation. After the Karaman coating facility established in 2012, Turbel Europe Gmbh, the first European investment, was established in Heinsberg, Germany in February 2015.

Turbelco has been guaranteeing high quality production with its knowledge and expertise in various coating solutions since 1992. Coating of parts of various sizes is easily carried out in our facility.

With the professional coating applied to the industrial cooking pans produced in another company, Turbel Tava, it further developed its export-oriented organizations, and as a consequence, the professional coating quality was approved all over the world.

Today, the Turbel brand, which exports to 58 countries of the world, strengthens its position in the market day by day with its investments.

Turbel Tava started its journey in 1997 with a focus on customer satisfaction. Our most important resource in starting this path is, of course, our employees. Integration of our employees with the company and adopting their jobs in the most efficient way, as well as their continuous improvement, are the basic building blocks for us to produce the best products. As a result, our employees form the basis of Turbel Tava.

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It can be stated as one of the most important elements to follow the innovations in today’s technology and always make the right investments. For this reason, it is one of our greatest principles to always follow the technological developments in the world and to renew our investments in line with these developments.

With these two basic structures;

Our main goal has been to deliver our best quality and cost-effective products to our customers on time.

Turbel Tava also carries out industrial pan production at the highest level in its 3000m² factory with its molding room, well-equipped engineer staff, highly technological and robot-based machinery. Giving great importance to customer satisfaction before and after sales, Turbel Tava constantly increases its product range with its wide customer range and finds the opportunity to take itself one step further in every customer. We would like to take this opportunity to express our respect to our customers, who have grown the Turbel brand and helped it to reach where it is today. At the same time, we would like to state that our focus on customer satisfaction will continue to increase in parallel with our increasing investments.

Quality Objectives:

  • Serve our customers in the best possible manner and time.
  • Implement customer-oriented quality, service and excellence principles in all stages from production to delivery,
  • Adopt a common quality approach across all levels of our organization,
  • Comply with all international standards relating to our products,
  • Improve laboratory and testing methods continuously,
  • Create a high quality working environment,
  • Increase automation in production processes.


Providing Quality All Around the World For Over 30 Years